When We Fail To Support A Sport That We Call God

18.06.2017 a date that will be remembered in time as one of the most influencing ones as two of the most staunchest rivals in Cricket, India and Pakistan played the ICC Champions Trophy final and what was least expected took place. India got defeated by a very noticeable difference and as Indians we could not help but mock our team. Why did we fail to acknowledge the efforts and go against a beloved team? Why could not a team be supported in their crucial times? If Pakistan played well it was a team effort and planned strategy that was put to perfect execution. Isn’t it time that we acknowledged it?

I hold myself responsible too. For about two hours like any normal citizen of India would react I kept blaming the “panautis” and the superstitions happenings around for me for each wicket taken, for every catch left, for every ball not hit. It was a natural instinct. And yes I regret not supporting Team India when they needed us the most. Pakistan played well, no doubt, but that surely does not make Team India a team not to be trusted. We have world class players who are certainly experts at breaking records. The one thing that hit me hard was the distraction. Hockey a national sport, won many accolades for our country on the same day. Why did we disgrace the Cricket Team and then praise the Hockey Team? Every Sport deserves its due credit, and it should happen at all times, not only when Cricket disgraces us, and we need some positivism around to show off about our country. The headlines that some news channels poured in were – Cricket failed and Hockey stayed, Hockey saved the day, 50-50 due to India and Pakistan, Ek haath se leke dusre haath se liya. I mean just look at the way we take things, every sportsman and team has their day, and so was with the Indian Cricket Team and Hockey Team respectively. Some very famous twitter gurus had their shenanigans ready way before the match even ended. They blamed the Ramadan month to have had mercy upon the Pakistani Cricket Team. Hell no!…Do you think Allah discriminates amongst his followers on the basis of some fast kept, or distinction of country. On the contrary, we are expected to show off some sportsmanship spirit and laud the teams that played well, and of course hope for a better performance from our beloved teams. I failed to do that for a couple of hours and vented out my anger on Kohli and Jadeja, but yes after a while and seeing trolls on my team, I realized that I was wrong.

One more thing to point out during the match was taking a mere cricket match between India and Pakistan and relating it to relationships between the captain and their girlfriends. Can we please leave the poor Anushka Sharma out of this fiasco. She was not even present at the match to distract. Instead of accepting our defeat we find reasons to blame a women for all the wrong doings in this country. Terrorism has much bigger plans than just kidnapping Anushka Sharma for these petty reasons. Match fixing and money bets could have been sensible points if not true, to blame someone, but kidnapping a girlfriend is not even mainstream. Since it has been spoken we cannot deny the bets and fixes that might have happened for such a critically acclaimed sport and two of the most famous rival teams, but again it is just a rumour, I as a common man have no proof or evidence if the Men In Blue or Green resorted to some kind of greedy motives therefore I am no one to blame them.

From what was the most saddest thing to hear are the incidences in the valley. One cricket match let a turmoil begin once again. When will we learn to differ between a sport and the political wars that these two countries are playing? Educational institutions in Srinagar were closed down after the victory, the army had to lay down extra troops for security looking at the ruckus the militants were creating with anti India slogans. Why take this on a personal level? Are we not even supposed to have freedom playing a famous sport? Some of my friends posted statuses where their friends trolled them for not being a deshbhakt and supporting Pakistan, when they predicted the victory. I call such people NUTS!…. Patriotism is not proved by appreciating the good. Deshbhakti comes with service and deeds, not mere words of appreciation. If you are a die hard Cricket fan, you support the fair players and wish the others good luck for future matches, and not troll them. I hope as Indians and lovers of sport for any sport art we learn that winning or losing are part of the game, and it should never be used as a tool to disgrace one sport art and blame the other, based on vested political and war interests.

I am sorry I lost faith for a while Team India. We will always support you at all times.

Rucha Sudhir Khot





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